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  • Mike_907
  • afh928
    How do YOU grow?
    Started by afh928 Tuesday, 16 June 2009 3 Replies

    I've been meaning to do this, but I've been some what lazy. Now I've got some time to talk about my growing technique, which isn't special. I'm somewhat of an experimenter, so I have clay, glazed, and plastic pots as my bases. I heard rumors about clay pots that aren't glazed can be dangerous but I'll be the judge myself. So far so good though, I actually water plants by water trays. I dislike top watering because it causes a lot of the mediums to clump up, and sometimes get in the mouth parts of the flytraps. Now if it rains, it's no big deal, everything is evenly distributed and filtered out some. I do have a neph. x alata, which is in a hanging pot so I actually have no choice but to top water that one, which is actually encouraged do to root rot if too much water is present. I live in the Athens region of Georgia, go dawgs! Up until now I've been trying to be very conservative when it came to getting more cps, I've been telling myself to wait until next year to get more since this is my first dormancy period. I think if I get more it will be from trading or something similar since that's not going to hurt my pocket much. That's that though, been a pleasure everyone :)

  • Budukai
    Animal Attack
    Started by Budukai Tuesday, 30 June 2009 3 Replies

    I've had problems with birds taking the LFS out of the pots. They even took one of my D. Filiformis one year. And since it's been so dry again, I can see in some pots that something has been digging. Probably trying to get to the water. I've had stupid squirrels knock over pots. Little idiot knocked over one of my favorite cacti and ruined it. Clay pot shattered, plant horribly damaged. Someone needs to develop a venus squirrel trap.

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