Venus fly traps - - Care, feeding & more - nepenthes seeds???

Discussion started by stanfel2 7 years ago
Hi I just planted some nepenthes seeds like a week ago and just wondering if anyone had any helpful tips?? Also I had them sent to me and worried they were exposed to freezing conditions should that concern me??
ok thanks for reply and that is exactly what I have going haha but ya fungus I have been fighting off with fungicide not too much yet just thinking if it has had fungus pop up already more is to come
7 years ago
I suggest that you fill a pot with LFS, then spread the seeds on top.
Keep them bright, humid, and warm, even at night.
Warm is at least 24 degrees Celcius.
This works for me, and I currently have over 80 sprouts.
They can take ages to sprout if they aren't fresh.
7 years ago

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