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Discussion started by Goodkoalie 7 years ago
List the Sarracenias you grow or want here.
My plants right now are Daina's delight, 'Tarnok', Scarlett belle, Judith Hindle, Leucophylla, Readii 'Alabama red' and I'm pending on purpurea ssp purpurea to sprout!
7 years ago
Dan Galley
Dan Galley
My humble collection of Sarracenia, I need to get some more really:
Sarracenia Alata ("Red Top")
Sarracenia Flava ("Apalachicola Red Tube")
Sarracenia Flava ("Red Tube") - Holley
Sarracenia Flava var. Atropurpurea - Blackwater MK F27C
Sarracenia Flava var. Atropurpurea
Sarracenia Flava var. Atropurpurea - Wilkerson Bog
Sarracenia Flava var. Cuprea - Pender County. Ex John Ainsworth
Sarracenia Flava var. Cuprea
Sarracenia Flava var. Maxima
Sarracenia Flava var. Ornata
Sarracenia Flava var. Ornata - Sandy Creek Road, Wild Seed
Sarracenia Flava var. Rubricorpora (Giant Red) - Apalachicola NF MK F122
Sarracenia Flava var. Rugelii - Sumatra, Radio Tower Site
Sarracenia Leucophylla
Sarracenia Leucophylla - North of Freeport
Sarracenia Leucophylla - Avalon Beach
Sarracenia Leucophylla (Pubescent Form) - MKL7
Sarracenia Leucophylla (Very Tall Form) - MK SL8
Sarracenia Minor var. Okefenokeensis / ('Okee Giant')
Sarracenia Oreophila
Sarracenia Oreophila ("De Kalb")
Sarracenia Oreophila (Heavy Veined) - Sand Mountain
Sarracenia Pupurea
Sarracenia 'Red Ruffles' - Pakim Pond
Sarracenia Rubra var. Jonesii
Sarracenia Rubra var. Jonesii (Anthocyanin Free)
Sarracenia Rubra ssp. Gulfensis (Anthocyanin Free)
Sarracenia x (Alata x Flava - 'Maxima' Very tall) x Flava var. Cuprea (2009 Seed)
Sarracenia x (Leucophylla x Rubra ssp. Jonesii) x Flava (Anthocyanin Free)
Sarracenia x (Leucophylla x Rubra ssp. Jonesii) x 'Suspicion' (Anthocyanin Free)
Sarracenia x Alata x (Leucophylla -Orange x Unknown) -2009 seed Clone one
Sarracenia x Alata x (Leucophylla -Orange x Unknown) -2009 seed Clone two
Sarracenia x Alata "Purple Tube x Flava "Red Tube"
Sarracenia x Catesbaei x (Oreohila x Minor)
Sarracenia x Catesbaei x Flava
Sarracenia x Excellens (52 of these)
Sarracenia x Farnhamii
Sarracenia x 'Juthatip Soper'
Sarracenia x Leucophylla - Kew x Oreophila - Heavily Veined, Purple Throat - 2009 seed
Sarracenia x Leucophylla - 'White Top' - Perdido, Alabama x (Leucophylla - Anthocyanin Free x Rubra ssp. Jonesii - Anthocyanin Free
Sarracenia x Moorei 'Adrian Slack'
Sarracenia x Moorei x Flava -'Suspicion' (Anthocyanin Free) Clone one
Sarracenia x Moorei x Oreophila
Sarracenia x Oreophila x Alata "Black Tube"
Sarracenia x Oreophila x Leucophylla
7 years ago
7 years ago
Wow, that is alot. I have...
S. leucophylla 'hurricane creek white'
S. Minor
S. Flava 'ornata'
S. Purpurea Venisa seeds sprouting
Unknown hybrid
Getting a s. Alata
7 years ago
7 years ago

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