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Recent blog posts

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I fed an ant to my my vft and it aready been hours but my vft didnt seal even though the ant was 1/3 the size of the vft

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So, Around 5 months ago I got a Venus Flytrap not knowing anything about them. I named him Marty Mcfly not too long after he died. Now fast forward 3 months. I was at Lowes the other day purchasing some flowers to put in my garden when I came across venus flytraps. After thinking it over a couple of minutes I decided I was going to do it right this time. I put him in my cart and named him Fergus or as I like to call him Fergie or Gus I brought him home and began to water him distilled water as recommended. After him being in my home for several days I felt bad for him being in such a tiny pot so I transferred him into a bigger pot and filled it with peat moss and "all purpose sand" now I kinda have a bad feeling about the all purpose sand and I was wondering if it is safe to have for venus flytraps. I tried to get more information of what kind of sands are actually in it but all I could see was "all purpose sand" it feels and looks very coarse which makes me feel like it may be right for the plant but I also have a bad feeling about it. Thanks so much for your time wish me luck with my precious plant, Fergus :)

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HELLO!!!!!!! im new to this site and i just got a new flytrap. i've never had one before and could use all the help i can get so if any one has any helpful tips PLEASE TELL ME 



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Nepenthes Copelandii Watercolor | Botanical Art

Nepenthes Copelandii Botanical Art
















1st of my botanical paintings

I've been wanting to get in to painting plants now for sometime, its a good way to combine two of my passions. I thought id share them with you as i do them.


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Cape Sundew "Drosera Capensis" Catching Pray

So I got a juicer recently.. "for free too, and a dam good one..." i love free.

Anyways i don't like wasting the leftover fruit mash so i poured it over my planter bed where i grow herbs so i can dig it in and add organic matter back into the soil. So 2 days later i open the window and hell yeah fruit flies everywhere, hundreds around the decomposing fruit waste. I quickly got my 2 sundews off the kitchen window ledge and brought them to the planter bed, set up my camera and thought it a good opportunity to shoot some footage and see if i could get anything good. I should of set my aperture higher so as to get the whole plan in focus better as a after thought, but hey i suppose its a learning curve, also a dedicated macro lens would be a real treat, but in time in time.

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Posted by on in Carnivorous Plants
Venus Mc Fly - Cartoon

recently Ive been learning a little Adobe After Effects to animate text and titles then i decided to learn a little animation and came up with this little brain fart


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Couldn't resist after seeing this beaut at the garden center and learning it was a Bloody Mary and pretty easy as a starter Nep.




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TC Grow Box Build, Testing PC fan with Thermostat - Vblog

So here's a quick Vlog I've added to my newly created GreenThumb channel. I've been wanting to get into Tissue Culture for a few years now, ever since I first read about it here on the forum.

So I have been building my grow box where I plan to grow my cultures, and an evolution of ideas occurred, sparked by a comment in a forum post here I decided to add a thermostat into the circuit for the PC fans.

Ill let the video show the rest,

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venus fly traps!

hi there guys!

im lovingflytrap(username) and i really love venus flytrap!

in this blog i will tell you about my new VFT and more plants to come!

i will share my thought and my discovery's on the VFT

have fun and i hope you will enjoy


btw feel free to check my grow list!

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Dr GreenThumb and the Peat Moss


The Search for Sphagnum Peat

  Driving around Estepona like a madman yesterday on my endless search for sphagnum peat moss, which turned out to be another fruitless endeavor.  I don’t think Jason had as much trouble finding the Golden Fleece than I’ve had just trying to track down a bit of sphagnum peat.  I'm pretty sure that once I do find a bag of this stuff, it will be placed on top of a rock on the edge of a cliff with a ray of light shining on it and guarded by a Dragon! ...Continue Reading

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Here is My Little Grow List



  • Venricosa (since 17.06.16 from carnivoria eu)


  • Ventricosa x Ampullaria "Bloody Mary" (since 18.05.16 from local garden center that got them from monkeyjars dot com)
  • Veitchii x Platychila (since 17.06.16 from carnivoria eu)




  • cephalotus follicularis "typical form" (since 07.01.16 from a UK garden center, traveled back with it on the airplane)


Venus Flytrap's

  • Southwest Giant (since ??.06.13 from Mike King)
  • B52 (since 29.03.14 from Mike King)
  • Royal Red (since 29.03.14 from Mike King)



  • Capensis "because who hasn't got one off these lovable weeds in their collection, lol" (since some time in 2007 from some seed that accidentally fell in to my hand from an old flower in the garden center  ◔_◔, my first success)



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Contemporary Glass Art by Jason B. Gamrath


Contemporary Glass Art by Jason B. GamrathContemporary Glass Art by Jason B. GamrathContemporary Glass Art by Jason B. GamrathContemporary Glass Art by Jason B. Gamrath

"The most beautiful, extravagant man-made object could never creatively equal

the simplest and smallest naturally occurring life form."

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The Art Department

This blog will be highlighting and showcasing Art and Artists who have used the subject of carnivores within the plant world.

Hope you will enjoy this journey through the world of Art. 


If you have a favourite carnivorous plant artist and would like them to be showcased within this blog, do please PM  me 


(I do have a BA hons in fine art and am a new Pitcher Plant keeper)



ORIGIN late Middle English: from Old French desflourer,

from a variant of late Latin deflorare,

from de- (expressing removal) + Latin flos, flor- a flower.


Artist Statement 

this work consists of an expose of the soulless exploitation of the natural world

it manipulates the interface between the digital and the dead to 

effect the transition between life, death and eternity


Artist Web Site

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Posted by on in Pitcher Plants

anyone have any nepenthes to trade, I have both Nepenthes and sarrs. Anyone in the Chicago area?

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Posted by on in MyBlog
Future Buisness
Hello everyone,
My name is Julian and I am 17 years old. I wanted to share with you my vision to making this hobby a successful business and the steps I will take now to get there.

My Vision: My overarching goal is to cultivate Heliamphora and Darlingtonia Californica to the point where I can offer competitive prices with such a large supply.
The things I will do in the meantime is conducting scientific experiments with Dionaea and other carnivorous plants, as well as selling these in addition to the exotics. I will be breeding new variations of the Venus Flytrap as well.
The plants will be grown in greenhouses, outside and in tissue culture. I would love to have all my plants originate from tissue culture as well for I believe it to be the future.
All plants will be sold primarily online with exceptional customer service and sympathy.
For now, I have twenty varieties of carnivorous plants (which can be seen in my Grow List) in a terrarium and in the very near future I will have twenty plants growing outside and thirty-six more growing inside a fifty-five gallon tank.
I will start the beginnings of this major project next year with the variations Cup Trap, B-52, and King Henry being up for sale. These will be raised using tissue culture and an artificial environment.


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Posted by on in Venus Fly Traps

Hello every! I am new to this blog post and i just thought i would mention a plant that i just ordered form the flytrap store recently. Today i have just ordered a Mirror Venus flytrap and i was wondering if any one else owns one(someone most likely does), if you do i would be interested in hearing about how well it grows and and if you know what climates/growing conditions it grows best in. Thanks.

Tagged in: Thank You
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Posted by on in Pitcher Plants

Hi there! I am new to carnivorous plants so I am not sure if my sarracenia pitcher plant is meant to have liquid or water inside of its pitcher because its growing new pitchers but there is no water inside of it. please help

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Posted by on in Uncategorized


   please let me know if the video didn't " link up"  im not the greatest at tec


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