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A little about Me

Posted by on in MyBlog
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Hello, My name is Gary Gipson and I'm addicted to this site.DISCLAIMER: If You read all of the below, I guarantee that 5 minutes Of Your Life will go by un-enriched. Side affects May include a feeling of emptiness and/or regret.I live in Garden City, Kansas and have all of My 45 years. It is about an hour West of Dodge City. I was number 5 of 8 Children in the 60's. All in all I had a happy, normal Childhood of G.I. Joes, Lincoln Logs, Erector Sets, shooting T.V. Vacuum tubes and single 45 records with B.B. Guns, Lionel Train sets and wrecking havock Outside with the Neighbor kids well into the Night playing escape from Stalag 13 or 'Hogan's Heros.' Our backyard was the perfect P.O.W. camp, being fenced in wood completely. It was complete with guard tower, which was a playhouse on stilts that My folks built for My Sisters, but We commandeered. We had plastic M-16's strapped to Our backs all of the time. I also remember playing Cops and Robbers on Our bicycles in which One kid would be trying to get away from a robbery and the cop would have to ram His bike into the perp's bike on a high speed chase until We bothed ended up crashing. By the end of the Day, We would be pretty banged up. At this time, I would enjoy the smooth, full bodied flavor of a candy cigarette from a pack rolled up in My sleeves, because I was Cool.I think I was 12 when I ordered My first Venus Flytrap from the back of an Archie comic book. That and a hand buzzer, sneezing powder, a magic trick and a few other things. I wasn't gullible enough to fall for the x-ray glasses, though. The 6 to 8 weeks by Mail was painful and the dehydrated raisen They called a Venus Flytrap looked nothing like the picture. No instructions, so I planted it in regular dirt, watered from tap and, of course, it never grew, but rather mulched into the soil quite nicely. Most of the other items I ordered were dissapointing, too, including the 'Sea Monkeys.'I was 14 when My Parents Divorced, as alot of People did in the 70's inspired by the Women's movement, the '9-5' movie, and that 'D.I.V.O.R.C.E. song by Tammy Wynette; You know; the all Men are Pigs conspiracy and I'm going to start wearing Blue Jeans, too. My Mother fell victim to this 'grass is greener' concept, left My Dad, re-married a couple of years later. They both worked full time at Real Estate so Alas, the 'Latch key' Child is minted. I lived on Mustard Sandwiches, Mac and Cheese, Pepsi, Doritos, and Atari.Fortunately, My Step Family was great, especially My new Step Grandmother, and when I was old enough to drive, I would drive Her to Her Rock Club Meetings. The meetings didn't last long so I started attending them and in short order, became a member. I was 16 and everyone else was in their 60's on up.They were rock hounds, and I, the young Newcomer, was dubbed a 'Pebble Pup.' This Teen's new best friends were all much My Senior, and We all enjoyed each others company immensely; We would cut and polish agates, geodes and such; it was wonderful. I learned the art of empathy to any and all ailments they suffered and eagerly wanted to share in conversation with Me.One Day the club had a show and tell, and they brought and proudly showed off Their hand fashioned silver jewelry with the accompanying stones they had cut and polished. I was fascinated by this; not by the 'Slim Whitman' bolo ties so much, but by the workmanship involved. I learned of a Silversmithing class at the Junior College, so signed up and that was the beginning of what has been a life long career. My Parents co-signed a 2,500.00 loan for some hand tools and casting equipment and I made jewelry out of the garage. Not too many People know what they want to do with their lives at the age of 18, but I knew for sure that some Day I would own a full service jewelry store.Later, I married and had an existing Job of working on office equipment; IBM typewriters, copiers, time clocks and such. I inherited 3 children in the marriage, so I turned My hobby of making jewelry into some part time Money. I hit the pawn shops and offered to repair and refurbish their worn jewelry and make it look brand new and I got a good start from that. I worked off of 2 folding tables in a spare room in Our modest home; in the basement with a cranky hot water heater for company. I would repair office equipment in the day, and work long hours into the night designing and manufacturing jewelry, repairing, etc.; did that for 15 Years. A spare room upstairs was the showroom and I was by appointment only. Most everything I know was self taught from then on out, and what a steep learning curve.At My Day job, I got tired of training what would be My Supervisors at My regular job, and when I found out a fellow technician I trained was making $2 more an hour than Me, gave My 2 months notice and struck out on My own. In March of 1998, Gipson Diamond Jewelers was born, starting with $2,000.00 Capital, equipment, a short clientel list and a Prayer. I remember how genuinly scared I was, but also how Alive I felt; it was exhilerating! We have weathered some tough times, nearly going out of business twice but We prevailed because We had to; there was no way I was going back to repairing office equipment. No bail out for Me; if I was going to make it, it would be up to Me and My Wife and Kids for their help and support.12 Years later, We are successful and have become the buzz word for Western Kansas as the 'go to' place for Custom Jewelry. Nothing is too hard and We treat a watch battery Customer the same as Our best Clients. People of all walks feel comfortable in Our store as I can relate to them having lived Myself from paycheck to paycheck for 1/2 of My Adult Life. I realize We make Our Money from the graces of Our Clients.We can and have made Jewelry that I would put up against anything You see in New York. I never get tired of designing and creating a Bridal set that I know will be worn (and last) for a Generation or two; to be such an important part of such a major milestone in Someone's lives is very touching. My Son, Jason whom has worked with Me since He was 7 and is now 22, is instrumental for Our continued success in these hard times. We are competing with no less than 4 other Jewelry stores in a town of 30,000. That's not including the Mall Jewelry Stores; I don't consider them competition. They are merely a showcase for shoddily made Jewelry bought from the lowest bidder to give them the highest mark-up on their sh. . . stuff. We are holding Our own, because; well, We are Cool! (lol).I know the last two above paragraps reads as a shamless plug for Our store but I assure You that it is, instead, a very proud achievement and something I am very proud of. (Open Tuesdays thru Saturdays; 9:30 to 5:30 ) It is My wish that Everyone Whom applies Themselves can someday see for Themselves, a dream come true. A dream (25% off all Citizen Watches) realized by the sweat of Your brow, the Tenacity to see it through ( Watch batteries, Crystal and Crown replacement while You wait ) and the Courage to see problems as a Welcomed challenge that simply needs to be picked apart and resolved.DO WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO AND IT IS MUCH EASIER TO APPLY YOURSELF TO THAT COMMITMENT!Thank You for Your time. Gary


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