FLYTRAP WARS: Round 1: Flytrap vs. ......BIG FLY

Uploaded By: sbrooks . Category: General . Added on: 12 November 2013.
In this Video:
I've had a hell of a time getting a meal captured live on video so far this spring; in some cases, lethargic traps, but in most cases, bugs that were either disinterested, or too fast (stupid ants!) This particular beast was sunning itself on the edge of an empty tray. I slowly picked up the tray and walked it over to the Valley of Death, and introduced its guest to edge of one of my typical seed-grown traps. The poor varmint painstakingly meandered around the edge long enough for me to go get the camera, and shoot almost two minutes of it sitting on the edge before finally moving enough to eradicate itself. This wasn't a horsefly, but was about twice the size of a common housefly.

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