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Monday, 22 April 2019 21:20
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9 months ago
  • Demidron shared 8 photos in the Nepenthes album
    9 months ago

    Expensive and didn't have anywhere to put it, but I just had to buy a beautiful Nepenthes (I'm assuming N. × ventrata because of its appearance and...
  • Demidron shared 7 photos in the Pinguicula album
    9 months ago

    Cheap little Pinguicula that I bought at a hardware store. Grows very vigorously, throws out leaves and flowers like nobody's business. Good friend!
  • Demidron shared 3 photos in the Dionaea album
    9 months ago

    A venus flytrap named Jakarta that I bought at IKEA in 2013. Still kicking on in 2019, albeit quite a bit smaller - probably because I can't give it...


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