Venus Fly Traps will eat any kind of insect, but only insects. Do not try to feed them human food like chicken, beef, pork, doritos, avocado or anything else. Insects are the only thing on the menu for Venus fly traps.

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  • GROSS ALERT!!!! <br /><br />I just read that a guy with severe athletes foot fed 4 different fly traps some of the flesh from his foot :cry: :P and they ATE IT :o all that was left was bacon coloured goop! :P :P :P ... AND REMEMBER ... DISEASED FLESH

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  • i think i could survive but i'll leave it to you all to decide

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  • Guest - ashliann givens

    omg I just got one today and I don't know a thin about them..:o

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  • i am getting one in a month because my last died cause i fed it a strip of bacon

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  • Guest - Agata

    Thanks for telling me guys i got one today and don't know much about them. So apparently you can give them a titch of fish food.

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  • the funny thing, is my friend feeds HIS Venus Flytrap, HAMBURGERS!!! :P

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  • Guest - THIS SUCKS ;

    oh nooooo :sad::cry: this was my science experiment: <br />is organic meat or processed meat better for them - oh well :cry:

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  • Guest - Jessica_Lynn

    they can eat small frogs and toads also they can eat ladybugs (orange not red) and can eat caterpillars (not poisonous ones)

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  • Guest - jared

    Should i feed it live ants?

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  • Guest - Ian

    I got one today

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