How often should I repot my Venus Fly Trap?

Instructions for repotting a Venus fly trap.

Venus Fly Traps respond well to being repotted once a year. The media can get old and compacted making it hard for the roots of the plant to grow. Repotting will assure that the media stays fresh and aerated.

The best time to repot your Venus Fly Trap is in the early spring time just as it is coming out of dormancy. The only time to actively avoid repotting a plant is when it is flowering. However, Venus Fly Traps don't seem to mind being uprooted at any time during the year and usually resume growth within a few days of being repotted.

If you just got a plant from the store, I would recommend repotting it as soon as possible. Usually plants in stores aren't cared for properly and are watered with impure water. These impurities will stay in the media. They might be able to be flushed out with a heavy watering, but it is just easier to mix new media and repot.

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  • Guest - Miracle

    I just got some of those little monsters as a gift. :-) <br />I really loved them and want them to be as healthy as possible. <br />I'm planning to repot them and place them in a big and comfortable pot. :-) But I don't know if I can find ant sphagnum moss.. :/ If I can't, I don't know if not consisting that in the soil would affect its growth. <br />Ohh?..

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  • You will get a nice variety of good answers to your questions at the Forum ([url][/url]).

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  • my fly trap nearly died cos i forgot to bring it in when the air turned chilly,a few of the traps went black and so did some of the ordinary leaves,i cleared all the dead stuff out and started to feed it with canal water,it took a few days but now it seems to have new life and very soon i will have to repot it,is it the right thing to do,?well we will see i love my vft.

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  • Guest - Fonz1000

    Just received my B-52 VFT and Cephalotus. Very fast shipping and outstanding customer service!!! I highly recommend. I'm off to read the forums again!

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  • Guest - nic federico

    i need elp im 14 and got my first venus fly trap i love it and there is a little bug in the wierd looking vine stuff is hat harmful to it and also is ok to feed it mealworms or would he prefer something different also i dont know what a hardiness is i live in the middle of Maine so i dont imagine its very high and should i repot? its in a tall glass vial so i can see the roots im very concerned about my plant as i want it to get big and strong please please please help

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  • Well as they said to pot them each year I only re pot them when the pot is to small. ;-)

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  • Guest - Farrell

    I have a venus fly trap that was doing well all summer, but during the winter, although it continues to developo new shoots, they are weak, can't stand upright and just droop over the side of the pot. I keep the soil moist, but haven't fed it anything all winter. Is there somnething that I can add to the soil for nourishment? Do I just have to wait for warm weather and put it outside so it can get enough sun and warmth and catch a bug or two? <br /><br />I need some help, that's for sure.

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  • Your Venus Flytrap needs a dormancy in winter and you're probably keeping it too wet. For more information and explanation, ask your questions in the FlytrapCare Forum ([url][/url]).

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  • Guest - Carrie

    For those worried about traps turning black, this is normal, the container mine came in said after they close 3 times they die back and a new one sprouts :-)

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  • Do you think it would be okay to replant them into organic soil? I only say this because I have a huge bag of it in my laundry room right now. Was curious if it would hurt them using it?

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