How often should I feed my Venus Fly Trap?

If you grow your plants outside, the answer to your question is never. They will catch all the food the need on their own. I was skeptical of this myself when I started growing Venus Fly Traps, but in fact it is rare to see an open trap! They are very good at luring and capturing their own food.

If you grow your plant inside, or if you just can't stand the temptation, feeding them a couple of insects a month would be sufficient...after all, it is so much fun to watch those traps slam closed! Under no circumstances should you feed your Venus Fly Trap any kind of people food. This will be very harmful to the plant and kill the trap that you feed the food to. Hamburger, pork, chicken, pasta, potato chips, avocado are all not on the menu for Venus Fly Traps. Venus Fly Traps are insectivorous plants, which means they only eat insects. So, feel free to feed them ants, spiders, earwigs, flies, or any other creepy crawly that you can catch!

For more information on feeding Venus fly traps, be sure to read the article: Feeding Venus fly traps.

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  • Guest - Hayley

    Hello, i just recently bought a Venus Flytrap and i was wondering, we have a lot of pretty wild flowers in our yard, and i have a cage for my Venus, so i was wondering, if i put it in a separate container (so it can have more moisture) can i surround it with more wild plants? or could that be harmful? also all the plants are smaller than the trap..i was hoping that the other flowers could attract more food to it.<br />Thanks! <br />Hayley

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  • To Hayley-- If the Venus Flytrap is in its own pot, and doesn't share the soil nor water from the other plants around it, it should be fine. Nice idea. :-)

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  • Can i feed snails and slugs to my Venus Flytrap? Will that be okay if i feel dead snails without the shell? There's a lot of snails and slugs around my house, so it would be a great treat for my Venus Flytrap.

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  • Is it a good idea to feed dead snail without its shell and slugs to my venus flytrap?

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  • Guest - gary

    hey guys, i've fed my VFT flies and small bugs before with no problem, however last week i fed my little guy two spiders and now both of those traps have turned black and died. I believe the spiders were long bodied cellar spiders. i think it must be the spiders because every other trap on my plant is perfectly fine. any ideas?

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  • So, I bought this Venus flying trap pack at lowes at there is about 12 of them. 1 is turning black but that will grow to new. I have them indoors because its so cool outside. I tried putting them in a window but my trees block the sun. Anyways, I have to catch individual bugs. Only 2 have been fed, but since its winter I can't really find any bugs. I need help because you can't feed them anything but insects :sad:

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  • Guest - Elijah

    I fed my flytrap hamburger on accident. I am worried, what are its chances of survival

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  • Guest - B

    How many times have you fed that or those traps???? If you fed them 5 times they will fall off of your vft

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  • Guest - B

    That is very cool I bought mine at lowes to. When the snow melts a little then you can see if you can find some. If not you can see if you can go to a local bait and tackle shop (not Walmart, or bass pro for ex);-)! My local bait and tackle has flies :D:D:D:D

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  • Guest - Barlion

    There is no need to feed your fly traps what so ever. In the wild they "eat" insects because the soil they grow in lacks nutrients. However potting soil is loaded with nutrients. You can pretty much take care of your fly traps just like any other plant depending on your location. I have had a few fly traps for years and have never fed them an insect and they are flourishing. They also don't catch their own because they are inside and there are never any insects where they are kept. Remember they are plants not animals.

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