Can the Venus fly trap eat meat other than insects?

Absolutely not! Under no circumstances should a Venus Fly Trap be fed something that it couldn't catch on its own in nature. First of all, this will likely make the trap turn black and die if it actually forms a seal around the meat and starts to digest it. Continually feeding a Venus Fly Trap stuff like chicken, beef or pork could actually end up killing the plant. Secondly, it is unlikely that the trap will even seal completely to begin the digestion process because it requires live prey on the inside of the trap struggling to signal the trap to seal. The only things you should feed your Venus fly traps are insects. Any kind of insect is fine. Flies, beetles, spiders, wasps, earwigs and pretty much anything that crawls or flies and is an insect is good. The reality is that you don't actually need to feed your Venus Fly Trap anything other than lots of sunlight. If you grow it outside, it will catch all the food it needs on its own and get plenty of sun.

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  • Guest - Charlie

    Just bought a venus flytrap and can't wait feed it some flies.

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  • Guest - rose

    I had a venus fly trap and I fed it freeze dryed flys I aslo built it a solarium therefore I didnt have to put it in the fridge during the winter

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  • I SO want one of these guys now... anyone know where i can get one? (e.g. petsmart target walmart etc.)

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  • Guest - amanda brown

    i purchased mine at kroger in their floral department

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  • Guest - Nicky

    you get them at colasontys i just got one today my last one starved cause the flys were to smart and went for the food

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  • Guest - Ren

    Tnx I was wondering if you could so now I know I shouldn't. Just got my fly trap today. I named it snappers.

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  • Guest - Ren

    Tnx now I know what to feed mine. Just got it today. I named him Snapper

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  • Guest - MichaelB1229

    If no insect, arachnid, etc. was ever given to a venus fly trap, it could still live. IF you just want to see what it does, many of the carnivorous plant sites sell non-toxic fly traps that you can pull the flies off of and feed to the plant. They are usually used for multiple plants because you don't want to over-feed the plant due to the fact that it may stunt it's growth...sunlight and consistently moist moss (sphagnum, possibly with coarse sand or perlite that is not from miracle gro). Also make sure you never use fertilizer or plant food unless you want to burn the roots and kill them. They can live in well lit, moist sphagnum moss alone.

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  • Guest - priscilla lee

    you can get them at home depot :-)

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  • Guest - hikaru

    i planted my venus fly trap in my back yard and right now i think is about 2 feet high already. i planted it so it can feed off of the insects in my garden

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