What should I feed my venus fly trap?

Venus fly traps can benefit from being fed regularly.  While feeding is not required, Venus fly traps will grow more quickly and have overall better general health if they are allowed to catch insects or fed on a regular basis.  If you are growing your flytrap indoors or in a location without many insects, you may choose to feed your Venus flytrap to help it grow more quickly and be healthier.

DO NOT feed your Venus Fly Trap anything other than insects. Under no circumstances should a Venus Fly Trap be fed something that it couldn't catch on its own in nature. First of all, this will likely make the trap turn black and die if it actually forms a seal around the meat and starts to digest it. Continually feeding a Venus Fly Trap stuff like chicken, beef or pork could actually end up killing the plant.

Secondly, it is unlikely that the trap will even seal completely to begin the digestion process because it requires live prey on the inside of the trap struggling to signal the trap to seal.

The only things you should feed your Venus fly traps are insects. Any kind of insect is fine. Flies, beetles, spiders, wasps, earwigs and pretty much anything that crawls or flies and is an insect is good.

The reality is that you don't actually need to feed your Venus Fly Trap anything other than lots of sunlight. If you grow it outside, it will catch all the food it needs on its own and get plenty of sun.

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  • Guest - Ryan

    I got a new fly trap today and me and my brother went outside edmediteley to find bugs.... but the only ones we found we alive spiders

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  • Guest - Romy

    I keep my VFT inside and its still growing and its fine. as long as you water it with rain water, ther shouldnt be any problems.<br />but a few times i fed it with "wood lice" or what ever they are called (roll together to a ball) and the leaves of my VFT where these insects were in died.<br />so i stopped feeding it with "wood lice", i tried ants. but they didnt digest the ants completely.<br />ill try the ants again, see how it goes.<br /><br />but why does the plant die when i feed it "wood lice"?

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  • Guest - sadyn

    wow. i thought u were supposed to feed them raw hamburgur meat:o

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  • Guest - Sie

    I live in Canada so I don't really see bugs alot in the winter. My plant is sitting on my room windowsill, and it gets plenty of light but I do not know what to feed it or if I should feed it. Please help

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  • Guest - Brooke

    I feed my VFT raw fish or whatever other raw meat I have out at the time and it's flourishing. I also grow it inside and it's grown twice the size it used to be! If you can't find bugs, I know that beta fish food pellets can also work because they have a lot of protein in them. But yea, they mostly just need a lot of sunshine and they are pretty happy. :-)

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  • Guest - Christian

    I started my Venus fly trap from seed it sprouted;-) but I don't know when its big enough to eat bugs, please tell me the age:D

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  • Guest - ola

    thnx for the help i just got my trsp yestaday:-):D;-)

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  • Guest - metro_sheep

    Would it be efficient to keep a tub of alive bugs, or just go catch them from outside?

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  • Guest - catymeow

    this website is awesome because I am getting a venus fly trap and I was going to give it loads of meat and thank you:D

    Comment last edited on about 6 months ago by Matt
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  • Guest - lois

    I'm getting a Venus fly trap for for Christmas what should I know before hand?

    from Auckland, New Zealand
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