Dionaea 'B52' trap.  Photo by Robert Ziemer
Publication: Growing Carnivorous Plants by Barry Rice. Page 79.

Registration Date: December 6, 2006

Breeder: Henning Von Schmeling, 2005?

Nominant: Barry Rice

Registrant: Barry Rice

Description: Quoted from Growing Carnivorous Plants page 79: "A new cultivar name for a plant with vigorous growth and brightly colored traps that are up to 2.25 inches (5.7 centimeters) long in conditions that yield smaller traps in most other strains. It was germinated and named by Hennig von Schmeling. This prosaic cultivar name comes from Von Schmeling's system of designating plants in his breeding program."

The above naming information published by Barry Rice in Growing Carnivorous Plants is actually slightly incorrect. 'B52' was the largest of seven seedlings generated from self-pollinating a plant named "Carolina Giant." The seven seedlings were originally named "A1", "A2", "A3", etc. in order of size. Henning later renamed "A1" to 'B52' after the large bomber. The name 'B52' did not come from Henning's naming convention.

Propagation: Not stated in the publication, but I am guessing through vegetative reproduction.

Etymology: After the large bomber plane.

Purchase: Buy 'B52' Venus Flytrap at the FlytrapCare Store

Background: Henning Von Schmeling of the Chattahoochee Nature Center in Roswell, Georgia singled out this plant for its superior growth and trap size. Dionaea muscipula 'B52' is an extremely vigorous grower with exceptionally large, deeply red colored traps when grown in full light.

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  • Isn't the b52 the same as big mouth? Please answer me at donatezas@gmail.com<br /> Thanks

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  • No, the B52 is a genetically different plant than Big Mouth (which is also known as Red-Purple). B52 is a newer clone, bred and developed after Big Mouth, and has larger traps and a more upright growth habit than Big Mouth, which tends to grow prostrate (flat to the ground) year round.

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  • So it would better to buy B52?<br /> And ifI would buy it in Internet shops, would it "travel" to my home safe? I mean - will someone water them on their trip? Wont the VFT be damaged? Will it be healthy, if I buy B52 for less than 6 euros? And I read in this site : [url]http://plantaebohemica.com/shop.php?cat=1&sub=7&other=2[/url] , that Pink Venus and Dark Red clone are 5-8 cm?! :o Are they really bigger than Big mouth and B52?<br /> Thank you again, can you answer me at donatezas@gmail.com

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