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Live Sphagnum Moss

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Live Sphagnum Moss

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Enough live sphagnum moss to start your own colony or top-dress your plant. Several strands (about 8-10) of living, growing sphagnum moss. *Please note: photo shows the very top of growing live sphagnum moss, which is green in coloration. Not shown here is the also-alive bottom portion of the strands, which are tan-colored. Therefore, the live moss you receive will be both green and tan in coloration, all of which is alive and thriving.


You can grow your own colony of moss by placing your moss in a clear or mostly-clear bin, covering it with water, placing more of the green bits as the top layer, and giving it light (it will grow in both direct light and indirect light, but burning hot sunshine can burn the tops of the moss). As live sphagnum grows it will use parts of itself as a base to grow upon, developing a greener top layer, with a tan bottom layer.

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Fantastic top layer moss for growing your Venus Fly Traps
This moss grows wonderfully green. I took off one star because the orders I received were half brown when I got them. With a little sun and humidity, they started growing, and are now a wonder green top layer for my Venus Fly Traps. Be patient with this moss (it's not dead!) and you will be rewarded.
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Review by benjamin bannister / (Posted on 1/11/2014)
Got a BIG bag of healthy live green sphagnum moss!
Despite the description which says "Several strands (perhaps 8-10)," Matt and Leah were extra generous and sent a generous sized bag full of very green and healthy looking live sphagnum moss. Order yours today and you won't be disappointed!
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Review by Ron / (Posted on 7/25/2013)
I bought some last year it was green and healthy most of it Died because i had little knowledge but the little bit that was left started to grow on itself so I plant it with my Venus fly trap I'm going to buy more so i can use as a medium.
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Review by swat007j / (Posted on 4/7/2013)
Truely Stunning!
I ordered a bag of live Sphagnum about a month ago, and I am sincerely amazed! There is much more than advertised, a large bagful. This moss has to be very healthy prior to shipment, it has grown non-stop for me despite changing growing conditions. I am very satisfied with my purchase, FlyTrapStore does not dissapoint!
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Review by CPcaregiver / (Posted on 1/9/2013)
Moss looks healthy!
Ordered this moss to grow in my salamander terrarium. I gently separated all of the pieces into separate strains and placed them around the terrarium. (Which was already planted with wet peat moss covered with a thin layer of dead sphagnum moss from home depot)

I made the mistake of watering the moss/terarrium with dechlorinated tap water, but after a few days I realized what I had done. I took the moss out, washed it with distilled water, replaced ALL of the substrate in the terrarium with new peat & distilled water only, and placed the live sphagnum back on top. I have been misting it daily with distilled water. It's still alive, but not as green as when I got it. I'm sure I put it through quite a bit of stress, not to mention my salamanders seem to enjoy laying on it. Dunno if that's going to inhibit growth or not :-\

Either way, I'm very pleased with my purchase! The hand written note/instructions (which addressed me by name) was a really cool touch. Not something you see often in online sales. Thanks for the fantastic customer service! If I killed this batch of moss I'll definely be coming back here for round 2 :P
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Review by KingCam / (Posted on 1/31/2012)
I got more than advertised, and its growing great for me!!
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Review by David F / (Posted on 6/28/2011)