It is generally accepted in cultivation in the northern hemisphere that plants come out of dormancy around mid-February and enter dormancy around the end of October. The decreased photoperiod and a decrease in temperature in late October trigger the onset of dormancy. It is about the middle of February when the length of the days start getting about right for the plant to start growing again. However, growth will be slow until around early to mid-May, then plants will start growing more rapidly.

In many places in the United States, the weather outside in February is still too cold for the plant to journey back outdoors. It is best to find a sunny, south-facing window to put the Venus Fly Trap in to grow until there is no risk of frost or freezing. Once the frost and freezing risk is over, it is safe to take the Venus Fly Trap outside without any worries. Venus Fly Traps are best grown outside where they get excellent sunlight and have the ability to capture food to feed themselves.

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  • Guest - Amy

    I am looking forward to having a few Venus Flytraps soon as my sweetheart just ordered them for me online. I have found the advice in your website very helpful already, thanks for making it available.<br /><br />I PLAN TO JOIN YOUR FORUM if / when I have questions about their care! ;-)

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  • Guest - zac

    my vft has flowers and i want it to seed how can i do this

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  • Guest - cody smith

    i fed a fly to a small venus flytrap and i died!<br />why?

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  • Guest - Bob

    do venus flytraps bloom and if so when

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  • Guest - FROBrazil

    Is water from waterbottles good for the venus fly trap.

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  • I am new to this and want to join the forum. How do I do so?<br />I want to build my own vivarium to keep venus fly traps. I read somewhere that the spindle grows to about 18 inches tall. Before I get started on building it I need to know if my info is correct.<br />What about bottled spring water? How safe is this to use? If the traps turn black and die, how long does it take to be replaced?<br />Thanks for the opportunity to ask these questions. Ted:-)

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  • Guest - liz

    ;-) Best purchase ever! It's so cool watching the plant eat and seeing how the mechanism works up close. Every once in a while I catch a small insect/spider and feed it to the flytrap. I enjoy this...perhaps too much. My mother looked down on my idea to keep a jar of ants as flytrap food. All I want to do is experiment with seeing if a more available food supply will help them grow larger, I swear. C'mon they're so fun to watch, can you really blame me!?

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  • Is my plant goanna die if I gave all of its leaves food, and its October 19?

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  • If I feed all of my venus leaves will it die?

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  • Guest - Stuart Podob

    My flytrap hasn't started to come out of dormancy yet. Should I be worried. I gave it the regular amount of water but once a week.

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