Dionaea 'Red Piranha'
Publication: Carnivorous Plant Newsletter Volume 28, number 3, page 99, 1999

Web Publication: http://www.carnivorousplants.org/cpn/Species/v28n3p99.html

Registration Date: September 18, 1999

Breeder:Edward Read & Ivan Snyder, Hawthorne, California, USA, June 20, 1995

Nominant: Edward Read

Registrant: Edward Read

Description: Quoted from the ICPS database: "(...)The plants varied greatly in trap bar (cilia on leaf margin) size and shape, but one plant in particular was just what I wanted. Because it is red and has trap bars that look like piranha teeth, I named it [Dionaea ' Red Piranha ' {E.Read}]. As with other red Venus Flytraps the intensity of red coloration varies according to cultivation and season. It has been noted by growers who cultivate it next to other popular red Venus Flytraps that its red coloration equals, if not supercedes, their red color."

Propagation: Vegetative reproduction

Etymology: It is red and has trap bars that look like piranha teeth

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Dionaea 'Red Piranha' with red stigma.  Photo by Robert Ziemer

Background: In 1995, Ed Read received 'Dentate Traps' seedlings from Ivan Snyder. The seedlings weren't red, but they gave Ed the idea to create an all red 'Dentate Traps' plant. In June, Ed started what would be the first of many selective breedings by crossing the plant with the most dentate-like traps with an all red Venus Flytrap developed in Europe. All of the seedlings were green. The most vigorous of these seedlings with the best dentate traps was selected and it was self-pollinated. This resulted in about 100 seedlings, of which about twenty-five percent of them were red and one of these red plants also carried the dentate traps gene. That is how the 'Red Piranha' was born.

Similar to other all red varieties of Venus Flytraps, the 'Red Piranha' varies in red coloration with season and growing conditions. However, it is usually at least as red or more red than other red varieties. It also exhibits vigorous growth and is quite easily propagated. It should also be clarified that Dionaea 'Red Piranha' is a member of the 'Dentate Traps' cultivar group.

Photo Gallery: Dionaea 'Red Piranha' Photo Gallery
Flower Photo Gallery: Dionaea 'Red Piranha' Flower Photo Gallery

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